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Conor McGregor Suspended 6 Months For Being Ruthlessly Attacked In UFC 229 Post-Fight Brawl...Oh, And Freedom Of Speech Died Today

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has decided this morning that for being ruthlessly attacked by Khabib’s hooligans after the UFC 229 main event, Conor McGregor deserves a six-month suspension from mixed martial arts, along with fining him a hefty $50,000.

This is quite simply the most drastic measure I have ever seen any jurisdiction take in any case in the history of planet earth, and it makes me worry greatly for future generations, because this precedent is a horrific one to set. Think of the children who’ll see this and think that communism is okay!

Oh, and not to mention, today was the day that Freedom of Speech died.

Well, not “died”, I guess; I should say, today was the day that Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Bob Bennett murdered the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America in cold blood.

You’re gonna start fining and taking disciplinary action on fighters for what they SAY during press conferences?! Oh, cool!

You wanna know who else limited freedom of speech like that?

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 12.48.58 PM

Hitler. That’s Hitler.

Guess what happened to those who jumped into the cage and basically attempted homicide on McGregor by unleashing punches into the back of his head?!

One year! Just one year! No biggie!

Fuck you, Bob Bennett, and fuck you, Nevada State Athletic Commission. Fuck you all to hell!!!