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It's Official: Khabib Nurmagomedov Has Been Suspended 9 Months For Hitting A Swanton Bomb Onto Conor McGregor's Corner At UFC 229

After Khabib Nurmagomedov’s hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission this morning regarding his despicable, ruthless, attack on Conor McGregor’s defenseless corner after the main event of UFC 229, putting the lives of many (including myself) at risk, his fate has been sealed.

No, he wasn’t sentenced to life in prison, as I had hoped, or even given a lifetime ban from the sport.

Instead, this big-headed buffoon…this schmuck…this asshole who took the biggest night in mixed martial arts history and gave it a big ol’ black eye – likely scarring many children for life – was just given a little slap-on-the-wrist nine-month suspension (and $500k fine) retroactively starting on October 10th, which he could get reduced to six months if he records a god damn motherfucking video of himself telling kids not to bully.

For fuck’s sake, justice system…WHEN WILL YOU SERVE JUSTICE?!

McGregor’s hearing should take place momentarily.