Steph Curry's Ankles Almost Shattered After a Klay Thompson Dunk Last Night

2019 has been a rough year so far for Steph Curry versus his long-time rival…gravity. For a guy who has a terrible history of ankle injuries, Warrior fans have to be watching these clips and fucking panicking. The scary thing is that last night’s video came from him being on the bench. Klay Thompson’s recent binge of dunking is coming off as such a shell shock to the team that it’s causing people to collapse.

Remember, there was a point in Steph’s career where we didn’t think he’d be able to play a full 82 game season with how bad his ankle sprains were getting. It was so sad to watch and we wondered if he’d be one of the greater “what ifs” in sports history.

Steph’s fall last week came during a game. It was a tough moment to say the least.

Fortunately for Dubs fans last night (because luck is never on their side), Steph was in vintage video game mode after the fall.

I thought for sure this was all blogged last night, but our NBA guys didn’t see it I guess.