Bar Enforces Strict Dress Code That Prohibits Flat Brim Hats, Baggy Clothes, Long White T-Shirts...Yeah, Basically Black People

First things first, the subliminal racist activist is an idiot. She’s against the bar perpetuating stereotypes by saying essentially “No black folks” but has no problem stigmatizing that all African-Americans dress a certain way. Work that talk, honey.

Why exactly is this an issue on race? Of course not all black people dress that way, but it’s an obvious stereotype that lot of the people who where these items that are black. But so do other people. Asians, Hispanics, Wiggers. If this bar wants to have a policy on attire then they’re allowed. It’s a free country. Do I agree with what they’re doing? Absolutely not. They’re obviously trying to not banish certain clientele, but you know what? People have a choice not to go there, too. Plus I’m honestly surprised there are enough black people in Minnesota to be able to warrant discrimination. Even their NBA team is whiter than snow.

Veteran move by Bar Louie for shooting the blame upstairs to corporate. It’s the boss’ fault until the hand that feeds strikes down on thee. Whether it’s not allowing black people into your bar or posting videos of a teenager being blown by a fish, it’s always a wise play to try and pass the buck.