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This 14-Year-Old Girl Shooting Her Shot And Rapping For Kanye Has Huge Balls

HUGE BALLS. Love or hate Kanye West, you would shit your pants if you saw him in person. Talk until you’re blue in the face about how you wouldn’t shit your pants but we all know you’d shit your pants because all of us would shit our pants. The dude is FAMOUS. Now imagine going up to Kanye West, one of the most influential artists in hip hop history, and being like, “Hey can I rap for you?” Huge. Balls. And she delivered! Her rap was pretty damn good. It was really damn good when you factor in who she was rapping for.

One of the things I love about Kanye is how open he is to hearing anyone and everyone’s opinion when it comes to music. An example of this is the time he pulled Seth Rogen and his wife into a limo, rapped the entire Yeezus album to them then asked for their input on it. Or when he was making My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in Hawaii and would ask the delivery guys what they thought of certain songs he was working. The guy so badly wants to make the best possible version of his music that he’ll ask Seth Rogen and the pizza delivery guy for their opinion and value them equally. I think that’s pretty cool. Kanye couldn’t have been happier to listen to that random 14-year-old girl rap because he loves all things music. You never know, maybe she’s the next big thing in rap.

#NeverForget that Kanye West In The Studio is one of the best things you can put into the YouTube search bar