As Seen Everywhere On The Internet Except Barstool Sports: Kyle Anderson Has The Worst 15.4 Second Sequence In Recent NBA Memory

I assumed this hit the site while everyone was working their ass off for the Super Bowl + getting all the Super Bowl content up on the site until 1 AM, but I’m not seeing it in the search.  Kyle Anderson having quite possibly the worst 15.4 seconds in recent NBA memory.

Here’s the clip RT’ed from World Wide Wob who covers all the most viral stuff in the NBA every night, a position we are desperately looking to fill.

While everyone is mocking him from behind their keyboards, allow me to be the first to say, I stand with Kyle.  As a former basketball player who shot approximately 11% during the Barstool rec league season then promptly retired from the sport, I know what it’s like to not be feeling it.  When you take that shot you know isn’t going in, then it bounces BACK to you, or one of your asshole teammates hits the boards too hard and grabs the rebound and gets it right back out to you – it’s a disaster waiting to happen.  And that’s exactly what Kyle Anderson is getting flamed for right now.  He just wanted to set the pick.  A solid pick. A pick that would make every white boy at Duke jealous.  He didn’t ask for 3 game saving shot attempts.

And why isn’t he getting more credit for that awesome behind the backboard fadeaway swish?  I mean it didn’t count because he stepped out of bounds but still, that’s a pretty sweet HORSE shot at the very least.