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Former Patriot Tells the Story of the Time Brady Drank Wes Welker Under the Table

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SourceTom Brady once beat the hell outta Wes Welker in a beer-chugging contest … and it all went down during the best bar night EVER — so says his ex-Pats teammate.

TMZ Sports spoke with ex-teammate-turned-Impact Wrestling star “Moose” (aka Quinn Ojinnaka) — an OL who blocked for Tom during New England’s ’10 season — and he says Brady’s G.O.A.T. skills extend far beyond the gridiron.

Per Moose … when the team got snowed in after a road game in Buffalo in Dec. 2010 — they decided to hit a bar in the “middle of nowhere” — and that’s when Tom put on a show.

“I realized then that Tom Brady was the greatest quarterback ever, because him and Wes Welker got in a beer-chugging contest and as good as he is being the quarterback, he’s even better chugging beer!”

Moose says TB12 mopped the floor with the legendary slot-WR … prompting him to call it, “The best night out I’ve had as a football player.”

These stories of Tom Brady’s legendary drinking have been out there for years. Like tales of the One Ring, some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for ten years, Brady’s drinking prowess? passed out of all knowledge. As a matter of fact, this is how I always envisioned this particular drinking contest between Brady and Wes Welker:

And now we have confirmation that that image was spot on, thanks to Quinn Ojinnaka, who was with them for the last half of the 2010 season.

One thing about that night they were stranded in Rochester (Note: Start working on a Country song, “The Night We Were Stranded in Rochester”) is there has long been a rumor about it no one has substantiated. You know how where you’re sitting around busting balls with your friends and sometimes there’s that one guy who goes too far, crosses some undefined line and touches a raw nerve? According to Patriots lore, Welker did it that night. Directed at Belichick. In a way where it got super awkward for everyone. Bear in mind this was just a couple of week’s before Welker’s legendary Rex Ryan Foot Pun press conference that got him benched for the start of a playoff game. So the belief has been he was getting a little cocky, and Belichick had to knock him down a couple of hundred pegs. The story might be apocryphal. But Ojinnaka’s account of that night gives it some credence.

As far as Brady’s ability to outdrink any man, the world will never know. He chose excellence over childish and awesomely enjoyable chugging contests. He chose the success that can only come from perfect levels of alkalinity in his diet over beer. But apparently if he’d chosen to stay on that earlier path, he’d be the GOAT of all drinkers instead of the GOAT of all humans. I’m happy he did. But at the same time, I weep for what might have been.