Our Argentinian Hero Alejandro Fantino Didn't Disappoint With His Victory Call Of Death Vs. The Netherlands

(Madness starts around 6:20)

Could (and yes, COULD. Fuck off Camera Guy and Mo) have originally cared less who wins the World Cup, but now my heart is behind the land of Argentina. Not because I really like them or they were always the nation my troops would retreat to in RISK, but solely because of this man calling the games. Alejandro Fantino. All heart. And I want to hear the call that officially stops that heart when Argentina beats Germany in the finals. Viva La Argentina. Viva La Papa.

Baxter, you know I don’t speak Spanish. If anyone can translate what was just heard, by all means. Need to hear him absolutely railing on the country of Brazil like he did during Argentina’s last two victories.

Listen to his past masterpieces here:

Alejandro call #1

Alejandro call #2

h/t Alex