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If You Think Danny Ainge Cares About A Commitment From Anthony Davis Then You Forgot He Has Gigantic Testicles

Boston Celtics Introduce Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward

So earlier today Woj came out with some updates in regards to this whole Anthony Davis saga. For me personally, it was a mixed bag of new information. The first nugget we got is what many people will run with as a bad sign for any team not named LA.

After agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports told ESPN on Monday that he had informed the Pelicans that Davis wouldn’t sign an extension this summer and wanted a trade, multiple league sources expect the agent and star to soon deliver word throughout the league that Davis’ preferred destination is the Lakers and he’ll become a rental player until 2020 with a trade anywhere else.

It would be an attempt to depress offers in the marketplace, a way to perhaps make the Lakers’ trade package more appealing.

Now part of that could be Rich Paul posturing in order to prevent other teams from making an offer, and if you read it closely Woj is just saying that’s what team execs think is going to happen, not that they have actually made that definitive statement. If you’re a team on the fence about making an offer for AD and are unsure about him committing long term, I can see how a statement like that would take some teams out of the running. Maybe they have a package that could beat the Lakers but it’s too much of a risk if he’s already saying he won’t resign.

That’s a problem for a majority of the teams in this league, but you know who doesn’t give a flying fuck? My guy Trader Danny. If Rich Paul/LeBron think a statement like that is going to deter Danny from getting his white whale, they are not paying attention. Woj even says as much

GM Danny Ainge is undeterred on making a trade for Davis, even without an assurance that he would agree to an extension with the Celtics, league sources said. Boston has been calling New Orleans for the past year-plus on Davis, and has gathered multiple first-round picks and young players to include in a package for him. Davis has a strong relationship with Irving, and Boston knows that trading for Davis would assuredly perish any possibility of Irving changing his mind and leaving the Celtics in free agency this summer.

Swing that big ol’ dick Danny! This is why you have to love Ainge and be terrified of him as a Celtics fan. The man does. Not. Give. A. Fuck. If he sees a path to an elite player that he feels can win him a championship, he’ll do whatever it takes without hesitation. No extension? Whatever! We just saw him do it with Kyrie, and you bet your ass he will put every chip he has on the table in order to bring AD in and take the chance later. The man has big giant steel testicles and he has shown he’s no scared little bitch. He blew up the chemistry in 2012 because he thought Jeff Green was worth it, he traded a player who had one of the most impressive 2.5 year runs in franchise history because he saw a younger star player was available. There was no reassurance that Kyrie would stay in Boston when he made that move, but Ainge doesn’t care about that. He’s not the type of GM that is going to act scared and not make a move because of an unknown future. The guy has the ultimate job security and an appetite for blue chip talent.

Remember what Rich Paul said when this demand was first announced. That Davis “wants to be traded to a team that allows him a chance to win consistently and compete for a championship”. Well let me ask you something. Do you think Kyrie stays if he knows he’s getting Anthony Davis and a max extension? Seems likely. Now would you say the Celtics would be in a position to win consistently and compete for a championship given the conference they play in if that were to happen? Certainly a better chance than most. While I can respect LeBron for trying to leak this type of scare tactic to make the Lakers a more attractive destination, they’re forgetting that they are dealing with a GM with no fear. If he brings him in and AD leaves, well Ainge will just go to his next plan. Kyrie will be locked up long term by then anyway and they will still be a destination.

So as a Celtics fan I can understand why you may feel a little uneasy hearing about where Davis will commit to an extension, but in reality it literally doesn’t change a goddamn thing. The Pelicans are talking like they plan on taking their time to wait for Boston to be able to join the party, and the best offer on the table is owned by a man who gives zero fucks.

You don’t intimidate Trader Danny, Trader Danny intimidates you.