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Leo And Jonah Hill Might Be The Greatest 2 Man Wrecking Crew In The History Of Mankind

I got a question – do you think this is the greatest tag team of all time when it comes to bagging chicks? It doesn’t matter that they’re swimming with their shirts on like a couple of black kids at the public pool. Fuck, these two could play in the fire hydrants like the Puerto Ricans in Washington Heights during the summer and I’d still call them the best duo out there. Bottom line is they are the perfect combination – you got the ultimate pimp playboy character and the fat funny dude for the comedic atmosphere. Yea, I’m sure if Gosling and Dicaprio rolled together they’d clean up just fine, but for the sake of hanging out on yachts and partying with a harem of chicks, I’m taking Jonah Hill as my wing man every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Obviously I’d play the role of Leo so Jonah would be the guy cracking jokes, lightening the mood, engaging all the other girls at the party. Oh my god, you’re so hot, your fat friend is so funny, I’m gonna totally fuck you but one of my lesser friends will definitely bang Jonah too. We’re all just so comfortable around you guys, maybe both of you can fuck me at the same time? OMG you’re swimming with your shirts on thats so crazy! What is going on? You’re so cool and suave but yet you swim with your shirt on, thats kind of confusing but, oh whats that? Why yes, I’d love some cocaine and Cristal! We should all go fuck in one big orgy spearheaded by Jonah Hill!

Thats exactly how that afternoon on Leo’s yacht played out. Best two man pussy plowing crew of all time.