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I Still Can't Believe That Kyle Troup, World's Sexiest Bowler, Isn't A Household Name Yet

I know what you’re probably saying right now. “Hey, Jordie. Didn’t you just blog about this guy last night? You reblogging yourself now? What gives?”. The answer to those questions are 1) yes. 2) kind of, deal with it. And 3) because I woke up this morning thinking that I’d be seeing Kyle Troup everywhere. I figured he’d be making the rounds on all the morning shows. I figured he’d be on ESPN. I figured he’d be getting ready to go through the Barstool car wash. After blogging about Kyle Troup for the first time last night, I figured that the Super Trouper would be the biggest name in all of sports right now.

Unfortunately it seems like it’s going to take a little longer. Which is an absolute crime because this man right here? This man deserves superstardom.

I mean it’s been way too long since bowling has been at the forefront of American entertainment. Kingpin was 1996. The Big Lebowski was 1998. We’ve been waiting 20 damn years for somebody like Kyle Troup to come around, and now here he is in all his glory.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 7.02.34 PM

The man crushes pins, he crushes your girl, and he crushes some Big Gulps. He’s a certified legend and I just can’t believe it’s taken the bowling community this long before they put him in the spotlight. I mean if your sport has a star like Kyle Troup playing it, you need to make it your sole focus to get as many eyeballs as possible on this man.

The Dude. Ernie McCracken. Pete Weber. Kyle Troup. That’s the Mount Rushmore of bowling right there, and it’s about time that Trouper Star gets the same amount of recognition as the rest of them.