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Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman Tried To Walk Back Trashing Tom Brady And It Stunk

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So earlier today, Nickell Robey-Coleman did something very stupid and gave Tom Brady bulletin board material by basically saying he’s old (as Feits pointed out). It was incredibly dumb especially targeting a guy who has been thriving off of “Many Men” and “Bad Boys For Life” over the last few weeks.

But saying stupid shit seems to be in Nickell’s recent wheelhouse. Let’s not forget that after the worst non-call in the HISTORY of football in the Saints/Rams game, NRC not only said that it was absolutely PI, but that he also did it on purpose. And I quote… “Ah, hell yeah, that was PI. I did my part. Ref made the call and I respect it.”


So, of course he was going to be asked tonight at Opening Night about his comments saying that age has absolutely taken a toll on TB12. 0.0% chance he was going to get away with it, right?


Feits and I read this tweet multiple times and we’re still confused.

I guess these days if you’re caught on camera saying something stupid, just deny it?? (Shout out Andrew Wiggins.) To me, it looks like somebody told him to shut the fuck up while also explaining to him how the Patriots literally feed off of hate, doubt and trash talk. He absolutely meant what he said despite this very confusing explanation.

NRC also said that his shade thrown at Brady was “completely spinned out of context” and that he feels disrespected that people actually think he disrespected Tom Brady. Oh and that he “hates” New England.

Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

If I was one of the 10 real LA Rams fans out there, I’d hope that he’s better at back pedaling on Sunday than he is tonight because he’s about to get targeted a million times relentlessly.

Own it, buddy. Walk it back all you want, but it’s too late. Your fate is sealed.