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Florida Couple Brings WWII Grenade To Taco Bell Because What Else Would A Florida Couple Do?

As a person who enjoys alcohol from time to time, I can agree with the idea that sometimes the need for a Chalupa trumps the need for safety. Have I walked through a drive-thru in a beer-stained bridesmaid dress at 2am? Perhaps. Who among us hasn’t done something along those lines?

But this Taco Bell story is dangerous in a slightly different way.. less alcohol linked, more Florida related.

According to the Miami Herald:

A couple fishing for precious metals in a Central Florida river found a WWII-era hand grenade — and brought it to Taco Bell before calling 911, according to police.

The couple spoke to dispatchers just after 5 p.m. Saturday from a Taco Bell on East Silver Springs Boulevard in Ocala, where they had gone with the grenade in the trunk after fishing it up with a magnet from the Ocklawaha River, police said in a Facebook post.

A police report said the couple, both 35, had the device in a five-gallon bucket filled with other scrap in the back of their Toyota Camry — and the woman said it was “recognized to be a hand grenade” by her boyfriend, the Ocala StarBanner reports.

There seems to be a lot of this sort of thing going around lately…

And thankfully in both of those cases everything worked out alright.

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