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I Guess This Is Where The Trick Shot Video From 2 Year Old Baby Is Supposed To Impress Me?

Bro that hoop isn’t even regulation size. You’re shooting one of those bouncy balls that you pick out of the big cage basket at Toys R Us. You have your sister playing defense. And last but not least your form fucking sucks. Are you shooting hoops or is that a soccer throw in?? Good luck trying to get away with that on the hardwood.

Although I will say your Thomas The Tank Engine PJs kill it, and your two older brothers might be the most pathetic kids on the planet earth. Like hey guys in case you didn’t notice, your little brother is shitting all over you. Your parents love him better than you and you’re nothing more than extras in his highlight reel. Maybe have a little bit of brotherly pride and put this little fucker in his place? Have some respect for yourselves.

PS – Laying on the trampoline with the pacifier in your mouth as you drain baskets on the Fischer Price is as cocky as it gets for a 2 year old.