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Are Pats Fans The Most Hypocritical Fan Base On The Planet?

Can you imagine the insufferable amount of babble you’d hear from Jerry Thornton and the rest of Patriots nation if Rob Gronkowski was on any other team? Fucking porn stars and taking terrible care of his injuries and making a drunk spectacle of himself everywhere he goes constantly embarrassing the franchise as yet another year goes by without a Super Bowl Trophy? That is exactly, to a T, the kind of behavior Pats fans loved to look down upon 10 years ago when they were Super Bowl champs. For years and years and years we always heard about the “Patriot Way” and the holier than thou bullshit about how Kraft and Belichick would never tolerate such behavior because the team is more important than the individual. How Brady and Belichick’s system can make stars out of anyone so they never needed to tolerate anything less than perfect New England behavior. Blah blah blah.

And now here we are with a big goofy injury prone clown who can’t make it through a full season and does literally whatever he wants despite another season of failure. What happened to the Patriot Way? What happened to the amount of respect everyone in the organization has for Kraft and Belichick? Now thankfully it sounds like some people up in New England on sports radio and whatnot are actually using their brains for once and agreeing that Gronk is a mockery and need to clean up his act. But El Pres is busy spewing off about how you can’t have it both ways and you can’t love Gronk when he’s partying and winning and hate him when he’s partying and losing. Just talking about how awesome it is that he doesn’t give a fuck about anything in the world and everyone should love the fact that he does whatever he wants. Probably the least Patriots-esque argument of all time. I agree you can’t have it both ways – you can’t sit up on your high horses playing the “classy” card talking about how tight run the organization is and proclaiming thats why you’re the best franchise in football – and then at the same time defend the biggest public idiot in all of professional sports who undermines everything you say your franchise is about. Like if you’re defending Gronk at all right now, you better not make the Patriot Way argument ever again. If “anything less than a Super Bowl” is unacceptable is the belief, then dancing like a tool with your shirt off DDT’ing your brother with a broken arm while another team wins the Super Bowl is unacceptable too. You can’t go picking and choosing when you get to be the superior fans and when you can let it slide because you like the funny dude who fucks chicks and parties. It can’t be both ways. You can’t bash the Jets for every guy who comes through their organization that acts like an selfish clown when you’re busy defending the most selfish selfish clown in the world today.

Now don’t get me wrong I’d still take Gronk in a heartbeat. I think his schtick of how much he parties so much and how much he doesn’t care is annoying and won’t last much longer as the Pats keep coming up short, but at the end of the day hes probably the best tight end in the league. So I’d take him on my squad in a heartbeat. The only difference is I don’t spend all football season bashing other players and teams who act exactly like him because I’m delusional to the point that I think my franchise is so special and so different and so well run. I don’t care what you do off the field as long as you win when it counts. Its about on the field production and winning. And if the Pats had won nobody would care at all what Gronk did afterwards. Thats why the “classy” argument is the lamest and stupidest argument in all of sports to make. And nobody does it more than Patriots fans.