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Kyle Troup Is Here To Make Bowling Sexy Again

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 6.43.07 PM

Every so often, a star is born. And we’re not talking just any ol’ ordinary star here. We’re talking about a pure showstopper. The kind of star that transcends both time and place. A Superstar of epic proportions. And tonight? With PBA bowling on FS1? The world was officially introduced to a superstar who goes by the name of Kyle Troup.

Now I’m sure that the bowling world has known about Kyle Troup for a while, but I can’t imagine the bowling community is that vast. You take one look at Kyle Troup and you know this beautiful specimen of a man deserves to be a household name all across the globe. The fro. The attire. The overall demeanor of a man who was put on this Earth to just fuck constantly. And when you see him throw some balls? Well it only confirms the notion that Kyle Troup is not just a man, but a golden gold.

Kyle Troup was put on this Earth to do 3 things.

1. Bowl some tasty strikes.

2. Drink some soda pop.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 7.02.34 PM

3. Take your girl to Poundtown.

Looks like he’s already done #1 and #2. Pray for everybody who has a girlfriend in Lubbock, Texas right now because it’s only a matter of time before #3 goes down. Kyle Troup is here to make bowling sexy again, and nobody will stand in his way.