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Marty Mush Monday Gambling Slate

I had the worst weekend of my life and I am betting on these two games and thats it. I am putting myself in timeout. This is quick and to the point because there is no fucking around during Super Bowl Week.


TCU @ Texas Tech -5

Texas Tech is a really good team but they have been on a bad skid as of late. Barely beating Arkansas at home and losing in conference will have them ready. I was informed today that TCU best player left the team last week so that helps but this will be a blowout. I have so much confidence going into this, these two bets are going to either ruin me for the week or I will be on my way for a huge wn.

Pick Texas Tech -5 

Duke -15 @ Notre Dame

I am not to sure if you watched the Notre Dame game this past weekend, they are bad at the sport of basketball. They are very injured and just not the same as they usually are. They are playing frustrated and Due is coming off of one of their worst 1st halves this year. They couldn’t hit anything and Tre Jones was timid. You can tell he was rusty so he will come out gunning and this won’t be close. I am real excited to turn around this shitty gambling streak.

Pick Duke -15

Please gambling gods look down on me and help this poor fella out. Im hurting, sincerely Martin Mush.