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A Guy Fell Asleep While Streaming On Twitch And Woke Up To 200 People Watching Him Sleep

The internet never ceases to surprise and amaze. You’d think by now that we would’ve run out of weird and stupid things but we haven’t. The internet is a never-ending source of hilarious moments and we can now add A Guy Falling Asleep On A Twitch Stream And Waking Up To 200 People Watching Him to the list. He didn’t even care. He liked it in fact. It filled me with joy to see how happy he was when he realized a bunch of people were watching him sleep. He giggled like a kid about it. Some people would’ve been horrified at the idea of people watching them sleep but he was utterly delighted. The comments when he woke up were nothing but positive. They were cheering him on as he awoke from his grizzly bear slumber.

That video also goes to show that people will watch literally anything. 200 people watched a completely random guy take a nap on his couch. This story going viral will undoubtedly spawn a bunch of Twitch streams where people are doing nothing but sleeping. Get in on the ground floor of Sleep Twitching and who knows where you’ll end up. Maybe it’s already a thing. Once upon a time people didn’t think there was any money in streaming yourself playing video games and look where we are now. Ninja is one of the most famous people in the world and makes half a million bucks a month or something crazy like that. There’s nothing I’d love more than to become the most rich and famous sleeper on Twitch. I thought I had the best job in the world but THAT’S the actual best job in the world.