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Strong Man Says, "Men Having A Female Butt Obsession is a Gateway to Homosexuality": Is He Right?

Hand to God, I can’t tell if this is the most brilliant satire I’ve ever seen or if this dude is being serious. Either way, he makes some interesting statements.

1. Saying no to the backhole: I understand that. Lots of men and women dont like the idea of anal sex. Me? I’ll never comment about that on the blog because I’m a gentleman. I dont do anal and tell.

2. A couple of girls have gently whispered to him to put his benis in their backholes which is where the doodoo comes from. Like a true gentleman, he wont do their buttholes even when they beg and plead for him to stick his dick in their A’s. Remarkable.

3. He knows what comes out of your backhole. Spoiler alert: poop.

4. He’s got a gross backhole. Hated hearing that part. You can buy a bidet on Amazon for 20 dollars now. There’s no good reason to have a gross backhole anymore. Spray and play. That’s the motto.

5. He suggests using a plunger on your asshole. Please do not assume that my backhole is as big as an everything bagel. It’s not. It’s like silver dollar size at worst. That’s why my friends call me One Dollar Dong Hole.

6. He says benis instead of penis. That’s weird but I love it. Benis Boyz.

7. “If I was watching anal sex porn all day” sounds like something someone would say who was watching anal sex porn all day.

8. An outrageous sip of coffee at the end.

In the end, this is my favorite video so far this year. Here are some great replies!