I Would Like To Own Most Of The Cool Stuff The TSA Has Confiscated From Would Be Passengers

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WIRED – The Transportation Security Administration hasn’t endeared itself to the public by shuffling every airline passenger in America through full-body scanners and getting up close and personal with a pat-down search if they decline. It’s been accused of overreach, overspending, and redundancy. But one thing the bureaucratic behemoth has definitely done right is to create an always entertaining and occasionally unbelievable Instagram feed.

Way to commandeer a Boy Scout’s Swiss Army iPhone case, TSA. Always be prepared. The plane goes down now and everyone is screwed. That’s seriously the most creative survival contraption since the compass. You can kill, clean and cook anything while Tindering in the wilderness. Ingenious. And is that a fucking Batarang? Sure, a couple of things here are legitimately scary. I could’ve dealt without seeing the multiple pipe bombs attached to vests and that Little Boy A-Bomb looking thing might have exploded if the camera flash was on. But whatever. If I owned Ninja Stars they’d be with me everywhere I go, too.

Love how someone tried to bring on Super Bear Repellent. That would be a delight if that spray went off in the close quarters of the cabin. Still would be less annoying than being trapped in the middle seat between a screaming child and Precious.