Alvin Gentry Talked Every Celtics Fan Off The Ledge Today At Practice


“He’s planning on doing what now?”

It’s been a stressful day out here on the internet for us Celtics fans. After waking up with the Woj bomb that AD suddenly demanded a trade, suddenly things didn’t look so hot for our boy Trader Danny. We all know he’s being cucked by the stupid fucking Rose Rule and has to wait a few more months before he can even pick up the phone which made this timing less than ideal. Now the more you go over the details of this whole thing the less sense it makes. Rich Paul comes out and says they wanted to announce this early and let people know the deal so the Pelicans could make the best decision for the future of the franchise. That doesn’t really make sense given the fact that announcing it now completely blows up their leverage. The interesting part about the Woj bomb was that all it said was he wasn’t going to accept that extension and wanted out. It’s fair to assume this meant that LeBron was getting his way, but this quote today from Alvin Gentry suddenly throws a curveball into the situation

Now it’s up to you to be the judge if Gentry is just giving us lip service, but go over the quote again

With the cat out of the bag, why would he lie and say AD told him he was planning on playing out the season? There’s only two reasons I can think of. The whole world knows the Lakers are interested right this second, so maybe this was an attempt for the franchise to get some sort of leverage back? Like they can go to LA and say “up your offer if you want him now because AD is prepared to stay through the summer”. That’s certainly a possibility that you can’t rule out. It also wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard Gentry fib. Remember at the start of the year when he said they wouldn’t even trade AD for Beyonce?

Things have certainly changed I would say. The second reason I feel like he would make this known is he’s letting the whole league know to take a deep breath. That nothing has been set in stone, AD hasn’t said the words “trade me to the Lakers right now I’m done with this team” and that everyone will have their moment to make a formal offer. Now the reason this is a big deal is because as Celtics fans we needed something to hang our hat on. Even if Gentry is lying here and AD never made that statement, I’m still choosing to believe him because frankly I just need something. I needed a sliver of hope that despite this bomb that Ainge was still in the mix. Common sense said the Pelicans should wait, but it was still a little confusing to me that they would make this announcement now only to have him be around his teammates for a few more months. Apparently though, that’s not an issue


If his teammates aren’t mad at him and he’s not a distraction, well then maybe there isn’t as much of a need to worry. Normally when you have a situation like this the player becomes a cancer and can often ruin what you have going on. Well the Pelicans stink and are headed to the Lottery anyway so what difference does it make if everyone knows he wants out?

So while this morning it looked like maybe Ainge was going to be left with his dick/assets in his hands only to see Magic and LeBron dance on his grave, here we are a few hours later and suddenly he’s right back in it*. Suck on that LeBron. All I know is my head is spinning and I don’t know who to believe. I just know this is going to be the longest 10 days in the history of my life, and all I ask is they give Danny a shot. I made the mistake of believing AD at his word a few weeks ago when he said he wouldn’t request a trade until the summer, and that that burned me. Nevertheless, here I am ready to believe another statement from someone associated with AD about this whole situation. Yes I realize how pathetic that is but I don’t think you understand what this rebuild has been like for Celtics fans. AD has been the target this whole time, it’s the end goal for this entire plan. If the Pelicans head coach is telling me there’s nothing to worry about then god dammit I believe him.


*unless this is just all bullshit to cover for AD since he didn’t speak to the media today. That would be rather unfortunate.