There's Only One Man Who Should Be Considered For The Redskins QB Job Next Year

I feel like we’ve known this news from the day the bone went through Alex Smith’s leg and then the complications in his surgery and the rumors they’d have to decapitate his leg. But in the last two days it was confirmed the Skins will need a new QB for next season. As a wise man with sunglasses once said, “uhhhhh, ya think?” And as his mustachioed friend would reply, “no doiiiiii”. I don’t envision Alex Smith playing for the Skins ever again. Of course I’m not a doctor (glad that is finally off my chest), but if the next time he’d healthy to play is at 36 years old, he’s probably not going to be the best option out there.

So who is?

Well the Skins have been talking to all the QBs at the Senior Bowl. It’s possible they draft one in the first round, but I don’t think that’s necessary.

There’s also going to be some free agents out there. I hope to lord they don’t think Joe Flacco is a suitable option. Maybe the BOAT Blake Bortles? And there’s always the other broken leg bandit (it was a torn ACL but I liked the alliteration there), Teddy Bridgewater. But we can’t do that. There is too much money guaranteed to Alex Smith to now go out and sign another quarterback. It’s just not plausible.

So then who is the answer?

You already know.




That’s right. It’s Colt’s time to shine.

He’s still only a young 32 years old. He knows the offense. And by golly look at that man. If that’s not a starting quarterback than my name ain’t Doug. Not only is he already under contract but he’s a proven winner (remember that Monday night game vs Dallas in 2014? Best regular season game ever.)

Maybe draft a guy in the 3rd round and see if he develops behind Colt. Maybe sign a guy like Swag Kelly and see if he can stay out of jail for a full season. But let’s not start trading assets and future first rounders to take fliers on guys when we have Colt McCoy already on the team. How do you replace the un-replaceable?

Playoffs, knock knock, it’s us.