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Mom Accidentally Donates Her Son's (Alleged) Drug Fund To Goodwill

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 12.05.08 PMCONYERS, Ga. – A mother is frantically searching for a travel mug that she donated to Goodwill – because unbeknownst to her, it had $6,500 of her son’s money inside.  She later learned that he had sold his car for cash and stashed the $6,500 inside.  “I feel like the worst mom in the world,” she said. “I mean, I feel terrible.”

She said that he sold his car last Sunday, when banks were closed. He is in the process of moving and didn’t want to leave the cash in his car. So he stashed it in the mug and put the mug in a cabinet. A few days later his mom added it to the Goodwill bin.

They immediately contacted the Goodwill, where workers searched surveillance footage. The mug had been priced and thrown into a bin to be put onto the shelves. They assume from there, someone purchased the mug. “We would be very, very thankful if you brought it back,” the mother said. The family is offering a monetary reward to the person who returns the mug with the cash inside.

Hey Mom

How TF you gonna tell me he didn’t want to leave cash in a car he literally just sold? My brain is taking lap after lap on this and still nothing. The Ceiling is the Roof. The money is in the cup because it’s not in the car and the reason he has the money is he sold the car. Sure.

Anyways when the fuck is bitcoin getting here? All I’ve heard about for a solid year now is how Bitcoin is going to revolutionize the world and remove the fear of shopping for discounted craigslist handjobs. Everything can be traced. Nothing disappears they say. Full record of every transaction that’s ever happened from now until the end of time.

What the fuck x 2. No one is telling the truth. There is no bitcoin. And craziest part is the woman is offering a monetary reward for turning over…. cash.

Seriously what the fuck is right. I can’t get enough of this gif or these assholes in Georgia. I’ll trade you $6,500 for $100 and call it even because the $100 is in Sacajawea coins

71KnsHtC7oL._SX522_Anyways this reminds me of a classic Bill Burr skit lost on YouTube. HOW THE FUCK YOU SELL A QUARTER.