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I Think I Know Who The Coward Warriors Player Is That Talked Shit On Gordon Hayward

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics

“I talked to a Warriors player who told me, ‘listen, Gordon Hayward is not Gordon Hayward right now,’ said Goodman on the Garden Report. He’s hurting them.’ the anonymous player continued. ‘He’s a liability on both ends of the court.’ ‘

So this was something that came out last night and frankly I do not care for it one bit. I’m still trying to pick of the pieces from the Celtics blowing their big time matchup with GS on Saturday night, so this was absolutely not what I was needing to hear. Look, nothing that this coward Warriors player said is technically wrong. Right now the fact of the matter is that Gordon Hayward is a liability for the Celtics. I like to think of this season in two phases. Pre-Thanksgiving and Post-Thanksgiving. In the first month or so of this season, everyone not named Mook/Kyrie were playing like dogshit, and as a result the team struggled. Since that 11/24 date, the turned things around and have the 5th best winning percentage in the NBA. Guys started to come out of their slumps and they certainly looked more like the team we were expecting.

Which is why when I look at Hayward, I’m interested to see how he’s looked during a time when everyone else seemed to be getting better. During that stretch he’s averaging 11.2/4.0/3.6 with 43/34% splits with a Ortg of 110 (8th on team) a Drtg of 108 (worst on team), a net rating of +2.4 (13th on the team), a TS% of 55.2 (12th on team), and a USG% of 18.8 (7th on the team).

So what the hell does all that mean? Well, it means that for starters Gordon is underachieving, and it means that you could technically call him a liability on both ends. His shooting is nowhere near where I think we all would agree it should be, he’s a bit of a turnstile on the defensive end, yet he’s had the second highest usage rate of any bench player. Again I’m nto saying what this bitch of a Warriors player said is wrong, it’s not. This was just some salt on the wound that no Celtics fan really needed right now.

Which brings me to my overall point of this blog. I wanted to know who said this so I went digging. If you’re going to say something like this, don’t be a scared little bitch and put your name to it. I can’t believe this player was actually given anonymity but that’s an entirely different discussion. Since when do the Warriors care about not attaching their names to a quote?  Grow up. So to figure out who may have been the one to talk this shit, I went back to their matchup on Saturday night.

Suspect #1: Klay Thompson

I have a few reasons for why Klay is a suspect. First and foremost the part about this being anonymous. I feel like the perception of Klay is that he’s a nice guy that isn’t about drama and all that nonsense. In looking at their matchup Saturday night, Klay was guarded by Hayward on 9 possessions, and then guarded him for 7. The one thing that makes this tough is that Klay did not score when being guarded by Hayward, and on the 7 possessions he defended him, Hayward didn’t attempt a shot or have a TO.

In looking over the evidence, I feel like we can clear Klay. Doesn’t add up.

Suspect #2: Kevin Durant

Only because he’s a BBB and this is totally something he would do. You’re telling me the guy who creates burner accounts to talk shit on the internet isn’t the type of coward that would say something like this and then demand that his name not be shown? This whole thing even reads like something one of his burners would write too. This may as well have been @CelticsFan4562 giving this scorching hot take under a tweet about Hayward or something. It reads just like the tweets I got from fans after that loss, and when it comes to cowardly moves from this team you have to always keep Durant in mind as a suspect.

Prime Suspect: Draymond Green

The evidence is pretty glaring. Not only does Draymond Green talk shit all the time, he is actually the one Warrior that got the most exposure to Hayward on Saturday night. He was was defended by Hayward on 9 possessions, and then was the one Warrior who guarded him the most, a total of 13 possessions and held him to 0-4 shooting. If I’m looking to try and find out who may have an opinion on Hayward, how can I not look directly to the one guy who is very opinionated, always talks shit, and had to deal with Hayward the most out of any other Warrior? That’s the first piece of evidence.

Next, look at what was captured during this game. Here we have the wide open layup that Hayward missed. You remember the play right? It was god awful


Let’s look at Draymond’s face

Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics

That sure looks like a guy who is laughing his ass off because he thinks Hayward stinks. There was also this play later in the game where Draymond sort of emasculates Hayward and rips the ball away from him like a small child

So as you can see, the evidence sure does make it seem like the gutless coward that went and said this stuff to Jeff Goodman is Draymond Green. For a guy who is also an offensive liability for his own team this season, that’s not the best look in my opinion. This is a guy with 41/26% splits on the season so it’s not like he should be talking shit on anyone’s offense right now.

Again, I’m not saying that quote is wrong, I’m just saying it’s weak as hell to not put your name to it. You want to talk shit then own it. Maybe I’m a little sensitive to this issue because deep down I already know this is the truth about Hayward, but that’s besides the point.

While everyone continues to wonder who that mystery Warrior may be, I feel like I just cracked the case. So screw you Draymond, we don’t need this shit from you right now.