Can The Bulls Make A Move For Anthony Davis

HEY NOW! It’s time for Anothny Davis to come home to Chicago. They’ve cleared cap space, they have some assets, the time is now. Major market, hometown kid, it makes too much sense.


And there’s the rub. So long as Jerry employs GarPax it doesn’t matter how much money the Bulls have available to throw at the hometown hero dujour…they’ll never be attractive enough to lure someone to Chicago which seems like it should be impossible because of how amazing Chicago is.

About a month ago I was going to do a blog about the Bulls taking a run at Anthony Davis. I asked Reags if the Bulls could package Wendel Carter, the rights to Zion Williamson, Bobby Portis, a couple more first round future picks, and Kris Dunn for Davis and his response was luke warm. I never wrote the blog because the Bulls are a COMPLETE dumpster fire and that won’t change until the front office has been cleaned out. And since Jerry Reinsdorf gives out lifetime contracts they’ll never be cleaned out which means the Bulls are destined to be mediocre forever unless the next Michael Jordan falls in their laps somehow. Sad state of reality for the Bulls and the city of Chicago. #FireGarPax

PS: The NBA is a joke now. The owners have ZERO power and the Super Max contract doesn’t seem to mean a thing to these guys. You want to know why ratings are down? It’s because there’s only like one team in the East worth watching on a consistent basis and that team has NO chance at beating the Warriors. I’m the rare hockey guy that actually loves basketball. I play all the time. I love talking about the NBA. I just hate that there’s no competition or parity. The 90s were dominated by the Bulls and Jordan, but the Knicks were sweet, Reggie Miller was awesome to watch, Shaq and Penny, Payton and Kemp, the Hornets, The Dream, The Admiral, Charles Barkley. All the stars were spread out and they were great to watch. That’s not the case anymore and it bums me out. I wish Davis wanted to join the Bulls. Build them back to relevancy with Lauri and…Derrick Rose. Not the case though. The league sucks.