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Man Takes His Girl Out For A Nice Dinner And She Poor Shames Him When The Bill Comes

I know what everyone is thinking, how fucked up of her to take this video, post it online, and make fun of him for being poor when he’s treating her to a fancy dinner. She should be appreciative of him pinching his pennies to wine and dine her, not secretly filming him and embarrassing him on social media. He is out there grinding nights and weekends just to enjoy a meal with his girlfriend, and in return she films him using 3 credit cards and a prayer to pay for the meal. Not even once did she reach for her purse or even offer to leave the tip.

That’s what everyone is thinking.


She’s still with him, right? Doesn’t matter how poor he is, she’s ride or die with his broke ass. That’s love right there. And shout out to him too, he even put a little sports coat on over his plaid shirt, slicked his hair back to look fancy. Those credit cards are for Future Nick to worry about, he’s only interested in treating current Pariss Athena like the princes she is. Kinda endearing?

And good news- 3 credit cards, and a chug of his drink later, dinner was successfully paid for

They might not eat out again for another 6 months, and hopefully they go somewhere they can afford, but it looks like they survived the night and got a nice little story out of it too.



PS: If I was ever poor shamed like this, break-up on sight. My ego cannot handle it. Millions of people knowing I can’t afford dinner because my girl wanted to go viral? NOPE. Here I am trying to do something nice for her and she thinks she’s so clever filming me? Bitch do you know how long I’ve been saving up for this meal and this is how you repay me? Not gonna work. How could I even talk to my friends ever again with them knowing I can’t pay for dinner? Imagine trying to talk to her father and all he can think about is what a broke boi I am? Never gonna work after being poor shamed like that.