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For My Next Act, I Will Compare The Greatness of Future and Elton John

This is gonna be tough compared to Migos and the Beatles. Talk about an absolute cake walk. Migos and the Beatles is like a 1 seed playing a 16 seed in the NCAA Tournament. The Beatles never stood a chance. Bad and Boujee vs Yellow Submarine? Bad and Boujee 98, Yellow Submarine 63. A 35 point blowout. Takeoff sat out with a severe respiratory infection and Migos still won the game with ease.

As far as Future and Elton John go I have real numbers on my side this time! Future has earned six number 1 albums in three years and 5 months, the first person to have that many in that short of a time since Elton John. Thought it Was a Drought vs Rocket Man? Thats a strong Elite Eight matchup right there. Who comes out victorious? Could go either way on a given day. But as soon as that beat drops and Future starts the verse with “I just fucked ya bitch in some Gucci flip-flops” the world should have known he was going for a 40 point triple-double on 70% shooting from the floor. Thought it Was a Drought wins 92.4/100 matchups.

Regardless, Future racking up 6 number one albums in just under three and a half years is nothing short of remarkable. This man must live in studio with all the music he’s put out the last few years, let alone them all being number one albums. DS2 and What a Time to Be Alive in 2015, Evol in 2016, Future and HNDRXX in 2017 and now The Wizrd. A playlist of the best songs off all these albums would be absolutely magical. But picking all the best songs from 6 number one albums for this blog might be a little excessive so instead I’ll just randomly pick one from each. Great energy.