Ruben Amaro Boldly Admits The Phillies, AKA The Team He Put Together, Are Dogshit


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is admitting changes will need to be made, as the Phillies are now 38-51 with the July 31st trade deadline on the horizon. “It’s disappointing, particularly the offense,” Amaro told reporters before Monday night’s game in Milwaukee against the Brewers. “What more can you say other than we’re not swinging the bats very well. I didn’t anticipate our guys being this poor. Because they are. They are this poor. We think that they’re better, but they haven’t shown it. So at some point we’re going to have to make some changes. Some guys, once they are ready to play, may be factors for us.” Amaro then joined the WIP Morning Show on Tuesday and said, “Frankly, I stand by the remarks [made on Monday]. We just have not swung the bats well. I predict changes will be coming.”

Thanks, Rubes! It only took them losing 13 of 16, getting swept by the Pirates and hitting .170 in their previous 6 games for him to finally say they suck. You might want to sit down for this stat: The Phillies have scored 2 runs or less in 35 of their 89 games. That means roughly 40% the time if the starting pitcher doesn’t toss a certified gem, they’re toast. I guess being 13 games below .500 BEFORE the All-Star break really makes a man look himself in the mirror and blame the players he brought onto the team. Seriously. Gotta hand it to someone with the balls to go on the record to say the shit he’s saying and still not putting the blame on himself one bit. This team has a decent chance to lose 100 games, and that makes me want to cry.

Who’s ready for a firesale? Or in this case it’s more like a garage sale. Everything’s old and borderline worthless, but still have to put it out there on the lawn and see what we can get. Other than Cliff Lee, Cole, Rollins and Marlon Byrd it’s a bunch of Dad ties and Cabbage Patch Kid cards out there. Look at this lineup they trotted out on Sunday only to lose 6-2:


Sweet starting lineup. Who are these fucking guys? A team that has Caesar Hernandez starting almost every night at a variety of positions is not a team at all.