WOJ BOMB: Anthony Davis Is A Lying Asshole And Requests A Trade Out Of New Orleans

I’m sorry, what the fuck is this?? It was just a few days ago that it was reported that Anthony Davis was going to wait until AFTER the season to demand a trade out of NO. What happened to waiting until after the season and evaluating ALL the options? What the fuck did LeBron do? What a lying asshole! Now allow me to spinzone this real quick. Just because he has requested a trade doesn’t mean it’s happening in the next few weeks. Even though the longer the Pelicans wait the lower his price will become because as of this second the Pelicans have zero leverage. God dammit I don’t even believe my on spinzone, that’s never good.

This wreaks of LeBron and his agent and you cannot convince me otherwise. They did this now because they already have a plan in place and it’s boning the shit out of Danny Ainge. Now maybe there’s a chance because AD is such an amazing talent that his price would be the same this summer if they were to wait, but that’s not usually how things go. You can’t demand a trade and basically make it known you think all your teammates suck and then stay on that team for the rest of the year. That has disaster written all over it, which means teams are going to have to make their offer now. Of the teams that can do that, obviously the Lakers have the “best” package, which is very bad news for me personally. You can save me with that “Anthony wanted to be traded to a team that allows him the chance to win consistently and compete for a championship” too. That is such a crock of shit because if that was the case it’s a whole hell of a lot easier to do that in the East than it is to demand a trade to the Lakers or something right now.

Honestly, this was NOT the Woj bomb I was looking forward to seeing heading into the trade deadline, and as of now I can’t think of any way Davis doesn’t become a Laker. Fucking LeBron. We knew as soon as AD left his agent and signed with LeBron’s Klutch Sports that this shit was coming. I don’t even know what to say as a Celtics fan. We just got boned for the billionth time by LeBron James and it makes me sick.

I thought Anthony Davis was a man of his word. I thought we had an understanding that you could leave NO you just had to wait a little longer. Now we’re all fucked and the fact that LeBron is behind this whole thing just makes my blood boil. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go put my head in an oven,