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Andy Cohen Touches John Mayer’s Third Nipple And Talks About The Housewives At His Baby Shower On Instagram Live

John Mayer’s Instagram live is my favorite part about Sunday nights and I’ve been saying this for a while now. He took a break for a few weeks but he returned tonight with his best friend Andy Cohen as a guest. It was everything we all could have dreamed of and more. They recapped Andy Cohen’s baby shower and played with John Mayer’s third nipple. Yup John Mayer’s got a third nipple and he released it to the world. They talked about how they wanted headlines to start from the show about John’s nipple or about him whispering Katy Perry’s name so here I am making it happen. You’re welcome guys.

John also mentioned how he somehow got involved in Teddi Mellencamp’s relationship because he asked if she was in a relationship and she responded by saying “well, I’m CURRENTLY married.”  She went with the currently to let John know all bets are off now that she’s met him. Most housewife answer ever.

And to cap it all off John Mayer announced his solo summer tour and he’s going to be playing MSG on my birthday. Thanks for the fantastic birthday present John.