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Cowardly Max Is Not Worthy of the Clown Treatment

So that sign showed up at the Pats send off rally yesterday. Cowardly Max on our clown shirt. While I’m sure whoever made it had the best of intentions this is absolute blasphemy. The clown is reserved only for the worst of the worst. Goodell and Rapaport. True villains. Guys who you know despise the fact that we embarrassed them on a national scale by making them into clown figures. Not Cowardly Max. This is what that idiot wants. He wants to make his idiocy part of the storyline. The more dumb things he says the more people talk about how dumb he is which is exactly wants. He has no pride, self esteem or integrity. He doesn’t care what a buffoon he looks like as long as people remember he exists. The only way to beat Cowardly Max is to ignore him like I just did in this blog.