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Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Mondays - David Wells Hangs A Curveball To Ken And The Ball Still Hasn't Landed.

I will never ever get tired of watching Ken Griffey Jr hit absolute piss missiles into the upper deck of stadiums, especially off of David Wells. I also forgot Wells was ever on the Tigers, the more you know.

Wells hangs a curveball to Ken and he absolutely turns on it. A nice 12-6 that Griffey deposits into the empty upper deck in Seattle that looked like it may never come down. I am always a big fan of homers into the upper deck and the fans in the lower level waiting and waiting and waiting and then turning around to see it landing 40 feet above them.

Love how he has to wait on it too. I feel like Wells had to know the second that he let that pitch go that it wasn't going to end well. I mean just look at him as Griffey makes his way across first. There is no worse feeling than hanging a pitch like that to Griffey and having to just wait on the outcome.

PS. How about David Wells' baseball reference page listing him at 187 pounds? Wells hasn't weighed that since 7th grade.

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