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Somehow The Barstool Crew In Atlanta Purchased Last Year's Royal Rumble On PPV And Watched It As If It Were Live

As I’m writing this, the WWE’s annual Royal Rumble event is live from Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. One of everybody’s favorite events every year, of course, where surprises are limitless and the format allows for some incredibly fun party games that even casual/non-wrestling fans can get in on.

Over at the Barstool house in Atlanta, everyone that’s already down there decided to order the show and draw numbers for a classic Royal Rumble pool, and it took them getting all of fifteen minutes into the match to realize – well – that nobody else was talking about the match, and Baron Corbin, who is now bald, just magically grew himself a full head of hair.

That’s because the men’s Royal Rumble doesn’t start for another hour or so, meaning they were somehow watching…last year’s match. I genuinely have no idea how they were able to order a year-old pay-per-view, but they did it, and it took them WAAAAAY too long to realize they did. Fucking hilarious.


That’s the Barstool Difference.