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Is This The Most Casual Morning After Text Of All Time?




Big Cat,

This is an actual convo between my buddy and the girl he stuffed. You can’t tell me this isn’t the most casual exchange for this situation. The Lol she throws out kills

Where does everyone land on this one? I’m completely torn. On one hand kind of cool that a girl is pretty relaxed about the fact that whoops, you came inside of her. No drama, no freaking out, just a nice little acknowledgement of a mistake. A total lol moment for her. On the other hand, the casual nature of that reply has to be a little concerning right? That has a “lol, happens all the time” vibe to it. Sort of need your casual hook up to care just a little more about the fact that she might be pregnant. It’s like when your favorite player isn’t displaying intensity on the field. I know you care, but it would be nice if you showed me you care just a little more.