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The Poop Smell On Our Super Bowl Bus Is The Best Thing That Could Have Happened To Me

Shitter’s full.

The last couple of days on the Super Bowl bus we’d started to notice a faint smell of urine… here & there a wave of ammonia would wash over the main seating area making us laugh a little, but it always seemed to pass. Today when we got on the bus it wasn’t passing & the laughter had ceased. We were in full blown Doody City.

Big Cat & Hank were dry heaving, it was making Rone queasy, and I had to keep my t-shirt over my face to function; (I’d gone a little overboard the night before at The Ainsworth & then Santa’s Pub). This was especially an issue considering we were about to have a twelve-year-old on board for Pardon My Take…

The first stop of the morning before leaving Nashville was a visit with yodeling wonder, Mason Ramsey, so we had the windows open & breeze flowin’ en route to his location. It was a solid temporary fix & thankfully the meet up went off without a hitch. In fact, he liked PFT & Big Cat so much I watched him run back out of the house to wave goodbye to the bus as it passed by afterwards. (I saw this because I was still outside of the bus, as I’d become the designated ground guide for Larry.)

Side note – while we were parked & they were interviewing Mason, a couple guys came out from a rental house next door because they saw our bus. It turns out a Barstool follower was there with a group of friends for his 40th birthday & it was their final day in Nashville. Seeing as I had nothing to do at the moment, they were kind enough to invite me in, and why not go with strangers into a house?

Air Force veterans, their wives, & friends were all inside & not only were they the nicest people ever, they made me a mimosa & gave me trash bags full of booze & snacks they couldn’t take home with them.

That mimosa helped dim my senses a little, which was a blessing. On the road again, Rone noted that “it smells like a fish gave birth to an actual piece of shit in here”. It was only getting worse.

Thankfully we had another reason to get off the bus once we hit the edge of Atlanta; There was a meet & greet for PMT in the actual meat section of a Publix. A meat & greet?! (I was delighted by this.) Standing there eating several tiny sample cups of DEVOUR bacon mac n’ cheese while snapping photos for people was lovely, and those people who came out were even lovelier.

I know I’m a giant cornball, but much like the day before, everyone we came into contact with was so friendly & fun to talk to it genuinely made my day. Sitting behind a microphone or a keyboard all the time means creating for an audience you don’t often see in person, so this has been an awesome experience. Highlight? Andre & his dog Turk, who were there in the lot to send us off on the final leg of the trip.

Speaking of the final leg, our noses had hit max tolerance for the now overpowering poop smell. It was only a short drive from the Publix to the house, and along the way I had a feeling of dread…

Part of my reason/sell for coming on this trip was that despite everyone else living in two big houses this week, I’d be shacked up in the bus full time. My early thinking was that it’d be parked outside one of the houses & I’d throw little parties on there all week & report from there as it went around Atlanta for interviews & such. I even wanted to get lawn balls & pink flamingoes to set out front.

But it turns out it’d be parked outside a hotel downtown each night with no power and, oh yeah, have I mentioned it smelled like burnt shit yet? Unloading PFT, Big Cat, Hank & Rone at the main house, FOMO & fear set in and I caved. Please let me crash in the house, for the love of all that is holy…


It’s been a great journey so far & it only seems to be getting better. As I finish this blog, El Pres just strolled in, and KFC, Feits, Big Cat, PFT, All Biz Pete, Hank, Liam, Kayce, Rone, Spider, Gaz, Daniela, MB, & more are all lounging in the TV room with a Royal Rumble pool going. There’s steaks on the grill, delivery’s on the way & everyone is just hanging out having a good time. Genuinely liking everyone I work with (there’s a bonus for brown-nosing, right?!) makes this feel like the start of another fun adventure & I can’t wait to see what the rest of Super Bowl week brings with the Pup Punk concert, Rough & Rowdy, broadcasts from The Ivy & more. Poke fun at me all you want, I’m jazzed… Atlan et’s gooooOOOOOOOOOO!