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Dee Ford Realizes Now That Nothing Less Than Perfection Will Beat Tom Brady

If you have even a drop of the Milk of Human Kindness, you have to have some sympathy for Dee Ford. As much as the crazy, delusional Reynolds Wrap Hat crowd in Kansas City thinks he wasn’t in the neutral zone:

… Dee Ford knows Dee Ford was in the neutral zone:

Dee Ford neutral zone

And more to the point, he has learned one of life’s hardest lessons: That anything less than sheer perfection will cost you against the Patriots and the GOAT. Cost you dearly. He’s not the first guy to find himself standing at the Pro Bowl, full of regret and self-loathing,reminding himself of that fact, and he will by no means be the last. In fact, that list is long and distinguished. And so is Brady’s johnson.

Take note, Rams. The first 20 or so years of his career are just practice.