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Watch The Best Rough N Rowdy 7 Matchups So Far Coming Live On PPV This Friday Night

We’re only 5 days away from RnR 7 in Atlanta. Celebrities and pro athletes and who knows what else packed into a Roxy for a wild Super Brawl no one will ever forget. And it’s honestly shaping up to be our best fight card ever. TWO Main Events coming with The $20 Chef vs The Barstool Idol Hack and also Moneyline Matt Brown vs The Mush. On top of that we’ve already seen some wild characters come out of the woodwork so far. Just itching to brawl. Here’s some our best RnR 7 matchups coming…

Alotta people are saying Zooth is a fraud and is gonna get dropped. I wouldn’t bet against neck muscles.


I fully expect Coley Hick to win this matchup handily. Danny doesn’t have any pride left by now.

For whatever reason the liberal king seems pretty confident. But there’s no way he wins if Bocephus wears his overalls into the ring.


Style, class, and seriously sized fists. Big Rig has my vote.

Interested to see how the cowboys actually fair in the RnR ring. Could be the best or worst fighters we’ve ever seen.


Impossible to root for either guy here. That’s how you know it’s gonna be a great fight.

I already feel bad for Super Thor and this fight hasn’t even started yet. Zooth and his crew are rolling deep this Friday night that’s for sure. It’s gonna be pure chaos.

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