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Carmelo Anthony Is About To Go Full Jackie Moon With His Soon To Be New Team


After Victor Oladipo’s quad exploded last week, it appears teams aren’t even trying to book halftime entertainment for when the already hard to market Pacers come to town. Last night, the Grizzlies simply put out an open invite for every cheerleader in Memphis to show up and shake shiny metallic pom-pom’s in our face to distract us from the fact the Grizzlies organization didn’t plan a real halftime show.  It’s impossible to grade this shit when you aren’t given a real show to critique. I award this show no points, and may god have mercy on their souls. I was ready to declare the Pacers dead, BUT what’s this???

While this tweet has far too many emojis to be taken seriously, I’m not sure why else Carmelo Anthony would be in downtown Indianapolis? We are somehow technically famous for our St. Elmo’s Steakhouse Shrimp even though Indiana is land locked, but it isn’t worth a trip down from Chicago. Not a chance the Pacers are thinking Carmelo is the piece they need to continue to make a run in the East come playoff time, so this can only mean the Pacers are ready to turn the team into a money making side show with the Flint Tropics business model. We have now entered the part of Anthony’s career where he goes 1 v 1 with Dewie the Bear, Safeword: LaLa.