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Real Bad Night For UNLV Basketball - Lose To San Diego State, Can't Fly Home Because Someone Running From The Cops Broke Into Chartered Plane And Flooded It

[Vegas Review Journal] – Then they had to bus back to Las Vegas after the game. Coach Marvin Menzies said he was told someone running from police Friday night broke into the team plane and damaged it.

“I guess that adds insult to injury, but that’s the way it work sometimes in life,” Menzies said. “You get hit with one curveball and another one comes. We’ll rally. We’ll get the guys together.”

Man, things are going rough for UNLV this year. I mean 11-8 on the year. Ranked 156th in KenPom. Lose Shakur Juiston for the year. Have San Diego State’s best player launch a 30-footer as the buzzer sounded.

And now? Well they couldn’t fly home after a loss to San Diego State because a fugitive broke into their chartered plane’s cockpit and somehow flooded the entire thing. How does that happen? No idea, but it happened.

You lose by 17 to San Diego State and then have that happened? Nothing like having to pile onto a bus when you have a chartered flight on your mind. Look at the difference in time right here

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 8.54.26 AM

Sitting on a bus for nearly 5 hours after that loss? Fuck that.

I think what we see here though is UNLV simply isn’t back yet. You think this would happen under Tark and Larry Johnson and Greg Anthony and Anderson Hunt and Stacey Augmon? Think again.