Chicagoan And Berkshire School Grad Is A Trail Blazer

hockey chief

Look at that kid. Does he look like anything special? Just a hockey player with a winning smile. What if I told you that he pioneered a pathway to elite level hockey players for an entire region. The path to New England Prep hockey for the Midwest. Just a kid with a dream of playing college hockey. Willing to risk it all and go to across the country for that dream. The guy who was on his way to a school record for healthy scratches as a senior before he got injured. He opened up a pipeline from Chicago to Berkshire. Which eventually made Kendall Coyne’s entire career possible

Kendall Coyne is unbelievably fast. She did a lap in 14.34 seconds. That was only one second slower than Connor McDavid, but I wrote this blog in under 4 minutes so you tell me who is the fastest Berkshire alum.