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Don't Come At Mitch Trubisky In His Offseason

One of my extremely insecure counterparts in New York, Hubbs, wanted to throw some shit at Friday night’s wall about how Mitch Trubisky can’t throw a ball over a plexiglass wall or something?

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 6.53.32 AMYou’re not getting a hyperlink buddy. 

Anyways I suppose this is a story if you want to kick a hornet’s nest? Like what else could be the point? You’re a fucking Giants fan and it’s the offseason. The only thing that matters right now is looking fresh as fuck

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 6.49.38 AMBeing a sex icon. Delivering orgasms. Having a big time face for the community

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 6.51.24 AMThat’s called drip motherfucker. You don’t have a girl but if she did she’d be slapping it right now while you’re over in the corner giggling about the pro bowl skillz competition. Stop trying to make fetch happen.

Moving on:

Akiem Hicks gonna need you to get your head on a swivel buddy. That goes for everybody. We’re Chicago Bears fans. All of us hate Cody Parkey immensely and it’s not going anywhere. And to the mob of twats still in my mentions – NOBODY GIVES A FUCK IT WAS TIPPED SHUT UP.

Anyways turns out Akiem’s been a little slow all week.

Oops Andrew Luck blew out his shoulder for the 7th season in a row. Opposite him it’s important to note Mitch is looking fresh AF in Orlando