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DJ Jazzy Jeff And Jeremy Ellis (With Questlove On The Drums) Absolutely Smoked A Super Mario Bro's Remix At The Art Museum

I live right down the street from the Art Museum and I avoid the 4th of July and Made In America concerts like the plague. Can’t knock the music, but between the heat, crowd, and smell I might as well be listening to my iPod on a train in India during rush hour. Plus anyone within 100 yards of Nicki Minaj is at risk as the chlamydia has become airborne. But this, this is fresh. Not any of that iTunes happy horseshit that’s spun out by 99% of “DJ’s” right now. If Paris Hilton gets paid as one of the top 5 DJ’s in the world you know there’s something messed up. Good to see there is some art left in the craft.

Only thing missing is DJ Jazzy Jeff jumping into the crowd like he’s was just thrown out of the Banks’ residence in Bel-Air. RIP Uncle Phil.