LeBron Officially Wants Luke Walton Fired


(The Score) – “It’s clear to me, and probably to you, Brian, that LeBron’s camp would prefer a coaching change – they’re not too subtle about that.” said ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan on Friday’s edition of the “Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective” podcast. “Not LeBron, but all the people around LeBron. There’s plenty of them and they’ve made it known. I don’t think this is a shock, is it?”

“There’s a lot of tension in that building,” she said. “I think people are wondering about Luke Walton, even though (owner and president) Jeanie Buss came out very strongly and said, ‘I want Luke to be here, I back him 100 percent,’ but then also made the point that has to be made – and that is that she hired Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson to make these decisions.

Jackie Mac is one of the greatest to ever do it, so if she says this is true then I consider her word as bond. I also refuse to fall for the “LeBron’s camp” line. That just means LeBron. LeBron is done with Luke Walton, as he was done with every coach not named Erik Spoelstra. Here at Barstool LeBron isn’t exactly the most well liked guy. He sometimes gets an unfair shake. Called a choker, a bad influence to children, and one of the worst humans who ever lived. I find all of those to be a tad too far. One thing that isn’t too far is calling him a coach killer. LeBron is like the Ted Bundy of coach killers. Really stinks with young players, too. Get a young coach and a team full of young players and put LeBron on it and I, for one, cannot believe that all of them will be elsewhere by the time next season rolls around.

But who can really blame LeBron here? It was clearly Luke Walton who went out and signed Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee, and Michael “Too high to remember his game shorts” Beasley. It was definitely Luke Walton who promised to bring in two superstars to the Lakers. It’s definitely Luke Walton’s fault that LeBron’s two week mid-season vacation dropped the Lakers out of the current playoff picture by a game and a half.

I don’t think Luke Walton is a flawless coach by any stretch. After beating the Warriors on Christmas the Lakers moved to 20-14. Since then, aka since they lost one of the greatest players of all time, they’ve been a 5-10 ball club. Which leads me to wonder if LeBron is actually all that hurt or if he’s waiting for the Lakers to dip below .500 to cause enough of a stink to form around Walton so that he wont look like such a dickhead for demanding his firing.