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Top 15 Countdown Of The Best Rough N Rowdy Moments Ever – #7 Days Away From RnR 7

Credit to The Rabbit for not holding back in ANY regard in this match. He was one of the cockiest pre-fight brawlers me and Dave have ever seen and you never know how guys like that are actually gonna perform in the ring. Although he’s certainly the exception and not the rule I’d still like to see more of our RnR fighters have a little more Rabbit in em. Gotta strut good to punch good and then fuck good, just like that old dude in Rocky said. And it’s almost time to bring your best ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT.

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#15 – The Drunkest Ring Girl of All Time

#14 – Knockout Sends Him Through The Solar System

#13 – Army Veteran Teaches College Punk A Free Lesson In PAIN

#12 – The Best of “Welcome to the Jungle Jessina”

#11 – The Battering Ram Keeps Coming Back For MORE


#10 – “We just bombed Syria.”

#9 – The legend of THE RACCOON BOY

#8 – The Pride of Barstool TRIUMPHS over all

#7 – The 1st Round belongs to THE RABBIT


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