It's Been 2 Years Since Migos Officially Became This Generation's Beatles

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It’s been exactly 2 years since Migos dropped “Culture” and lifted themselves to what I would consider the Beatles of our generation. The old head Beatles hardos always get a giant stick up their ass when young people make claims like this just because their’s a cool picture of the Beatles crossing a street. Sick! Did the Beatles ever start the dance move of the year that was so main stream even doofy ass Ed Werder was trying to do it on ESPN? Doubt it.

Everything the Migos do is trendsetting. They are the most polarizing rap group the world has every witnessed and their influence on the culture and the youth is second to none. They took the adlib game like Barry Sanders taking a handoff and ran away with that shit. I don’t think I’ll ever again for the rest of my life get asked which way something is and not say “Dat Way!” I guarantee there’s Amish kids directing their horse and buggies yelling ” SKRT!” and kids in Utah reading bible scriptures from the Book of Mormon and dropping Migos adlibs at the end of a passage. “Mary is the wife of Joseph and the mother of Jesus, (MAMA!)”

They look like an all star team anywhere they go coordinated in the most drippiest of drips. This man Offset is literally wearing a chain of a house thats worth more than most houses. First-team all Flex squad.

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All that combined with the quality of the music is just flat out undeniable. Every single song on the album is a smash hit. Bad and Boujee and T-Shirt were two of the top songs of the entire year. They created a whole new vibe. They invented the god damn wave.

I can listen to the entire Culture album top to bottom straight through with a smile on my face the entire time. I’m listening to it right now at my desk as I write this and can barely keep myself from standing up and dancing and flexing all my imaginary chains, watches and grill (ICE! ICE! ICE!) Now I’m listening to Kelly Price and Out Yo Way and am on the verge of shedding a thug tear. I saw Quavo sing Kelly Price in person and almost fainted from the overload of endorphins that were being unloaded throughout my brain all at once. They’re music is timeless. Their mix of talent and chemistry is just absurd. They can literally read a children’s book and by the end of it create a hit song.


In all seriousness if they went on for another few minutes they might have actually come up with a song out of that. Insane. Do yourselves a favor and let Migos bless your ears with one of the best albums to come out in the last few years. Brings me back to my Ohio State days smoking big boof blunts in the frat house basement and blasting Culture throughout the entire house. Great energy.