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No Biggie: Rockstar Is Letting Us Play And Stream Their First Ever Battle Royale Online Beta Mode in Red Dead Redemption II

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 2.53.23 PM

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What is Gun Rush, you ask? Well, kids, it’s a tooth and nail, Western style battle-royale fight to the death for up to 32 players that can be played either with Teams or as a Free For All. Players compete in an ever-shrinking battle zone with horses for quick transport (and associated risks). Skirmish for weapons ranging from Mauser Pistols to Repeating Shotguns to Fire Bottles and Dynamite Arrows – as well as for valuable, hard to obtain armor like the headshot-thwarting Ned Kelly Armor to help you survive to the end.

In other words, we were here practicing for 20 minutes and Marty Mush has been hogtied the entire time. True story. Enjoy what we got cooking and fire away with any questions you got for Rockstar.