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I Wanted To Tweet Bill Raftery About His Legendary Call But I Can't Because He's Scared Of What He'll Tweet 10 Drinks In

So as I typically do I was sitting around thinking of Bill Raftery today. Well, today is more special than normal. Today is the 31 year anniversary of this call. Send it in Jerome. The call that put Raft on the map:

So here I was sitting by my computer and was like time to fire the tweet off. Then I remembered Bill Raftery doesn’t have Twitter. Which is a shame, because I feel like he’d be awesome on Twitter. Just roasting people politely while throwing out tidbits about college basketball.

Then I remembered the tweet by Jimmy Traina last year. Look at it again, it’s beautiful.

Do you know the onions it would take to be a public figure, drink a decent amount like Raft and not fire off a tweet? I mean he drinks with Barkley for God’s sake:
[via SI]

Have you ever gone out drinking with Charles Barkley?

BR: Oh yeah.

JRWho can last longer in the bar?

BR: Oh, I’ve given up. Charles is strong. You know what’s interesting. I don’t know how much he drinks because he’s always engaged [with people]. He’s not sitting there having drink after drink. He just loves being around people. He’s got so much soul. There’s so much substance to him that’s lost in the comedy.

Think about that duo for a second. Barkley and Raft just tearing up the bar. Just sitting there telling stories that you know you could listen to for 10 hours and not even be 10% in.

I want nothing more than to go to a bar with Raft. Hell, it doesn’t have to be a bar. We can hang out wherever he wants. My lifelong dream is to sit down with Raft, share drinks and listen to him talk for hours. I don’t even have to say a word.

Enjoy the next minute and 25 seconds of your life: