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Remain Calm, Anne Hathaway Just Teased 'Princess Diaries 3'

Andy Cohen you sly dog you!!! Andy gets the best callers who ask the best questions and here is a prime example. The caller asks Anne Hathaway about the potential of ‘The Princess Diaries 3’…and she did not say no. She actually sounded super positive about it and it seems like all the important people want to do it. Julie Andrews is in. Their producer Debra Martin Chase is in. There is a script for the movie. The only stipulation here is Anne said it has to be absolutely perfect…which worries me. This is typical Anne Hathaway for me.  She knows exactly what she is doing, staring right into the camera telling the world they have made progress with a third movie. Just look at that smirk on her face.

Anne Hathaway the person has always kind of annoyed me…Anne Hathaway the actress I enjoy. Mia Thermopolis is a great character and I adore the movies. But Anne…if you are dangling a third movie right in our faces only to take it away later because it is not “perfect,” I will be very, very upset. Obviously I would want the movie to be good and for the actors to be happy about making it, but now the hype is there and I need the full follow through. I need Julie Andrews, Queen Clarisse Rinaldi herself, to return to the screen. I’m also hoping this script includes Lord Nicholas Devereaux because Chris Pine thrown in the mix would not suck at all. There are plenty of books (eleven) in the series to get inspiration from so I hope this one actually works out!! Don’t tease me Anne!!!

P.S. Best part of this video is Matthew McConaughey just sitting there listening to Princess Diaries talk. When an audience member almost had a heart attack at the news he was shocked. Do we think Matthew has any idea what movie Anne is even talking about?