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'Atypical' Actor Michael Rapaport Is On The List Of Possible Individuals Who May Be Sued For Defamation By The Covington MAGA Kids

Michael Rapaport received quite the response after making this rambunctious video calling the Covington MAGA children numerous derogatory terms, including “C*cksuckers”. Now the Netflix actor may have to pay out of his own pocket for his actions.

NEWS – A team of very high profile lawyers are joining together to fight for justice for the Covington Catholic High School students who were ruthlessly attacked by the media following a school trip to DC for the March for Life. According to lawyer Robert Barnes, who is representing several of the families, the team will include at least five lawyers from five different law firms — all with a record of high profile civil cases. We cannot yet report the names of the lawyers who are joining forces — but we can assure you that you have heard of their cases. When asked about who exactly they are planning to sue out of the hundreds of celebrities and journalists who defamed these boys, Barnes confirmed that former CNN host Reza Aslan, actor Michael Rapaport and ABC News senior political analyst anchor Matthew Dowd are on the list, “for starters.”

There’s no word on if Twitter will be holding Rapaport accountable for posting this video on their platform. Historically, the social media site has banished for equal or seemingly less hateful speech. In fact, the infamous Roger Stone had his Twitter taken away for referring to an adult in a similar manner:

Twitter has already taken away Rapaport’s podcast @IAmRapaport page off their platform, although it is not known how long the suspension is for:

There has been no report from Twitter that Michael Rapaport’s main account @MichaelRapaport will be affected. As for Rapaport himself, he seems unapologetic and may be even more aggressive after being called out for his disparaging remarks towards children: