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How Many Stars Would You Give This Drunk Uber Passenger That Grabbed The Steering Wheel While On The Highway And Whispered "We're Gonna Die"?

Call me crazy, but I think I would give that guy 3 stars. Yeah trying to make sure both of us, as well as potentially a few other innocent people, died in a horrific car accident is bad. But I imagine being an Uber driver can be lonely, monotonous work. Having someone that wants to sit in the front seat with you probably a nice change for feeling like nothing but hired work throughout the day as people force the same boring conversations about the money or asking how long you have been driving an Uber. Getting a drunk wildcard wingman sitting shotty is the exact jolt to the system that job requires from time to time. Again, the attempted vehicular manslaughter as well as creepy “We’re gonna die” whisper in the ear is a one star move. But somebody giving you a newfound appreciation of life before telling you that they love you is a five star move. Split the difference and the clear answer is three stars.